Way Elsewhere

by Julie Trimingham

When the heart breaks, hit the road. An unnamed narrator ricochets from the edge of a volcano to the site of a crashed UFO, from sugarcane fields to glaciers, from coal mines to bee hives, from friendship to chance encounters. She’s looking for equilibrium, home, the past, adventure; she’s looking for something she can’t quite pin down. Julie Trimingham's Way Elsewhere is a fictional, experimental travelogue that defies genre as ardently as it embraces a perilous, wondrous world.

"At the center of Way Elsewhere is a singular, brooding consciousness, a specific “I” that remains consistent from poem to poem. This “I” may be only one aspect of Trimingham herself or a fictionalized version of such, but it holds from poem to poem, a palpable identity, one that admits to her own suffering and her own embarrassments, one that resonates with the pain of a crucially broken heart."

- John Vanderslice in Heavy Feather Review

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2016 | 52 pp | 978-0-9911863-5-8