The Blank Target

by Robert Alan Wendeborn

"Robert Alan Wendeborn exposes the nuance of memory in his poetic debut The Blank Target. Each poem is a reimagining of a relationship gone wrong. Here is the wreckage, here are the words that ache for a "come back," for a "one last," for a "I don't need you" . . . . Wendeborn takes the past; he shakes it up and then asks for it to reassemble itself."

- Tara Westmor in Sink Review

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2015 | 86 pp | 978-0-9911863-3-4

Why Don’t You Get Rid of Someone Else for a Change

When you wear glasses I feel like you’re a mirror

only because in a tiny way you are

The light sources in the room with you freak me out

& shadows have so many shades

This room feels

I don’t know

Do you think I should sigh more often

Heavily breathing the way you do before your voice

breaks & commands beautiful diction flowering over

my skin into my pores & up my throat


O the way it swaggers thick out my mouth

You told me to dust so now it’s dusty

Don’t tell me to explode my syntax it will do that over the

next three hundred years

All our safe words will rearrange themselves