Supper & Repair Kit

by Nicole Wilson

"Both a reflection of body and of the self, and a record of its voluntary and involuntary changes, Nicole Wilson's poetry collection Supper & Repair Kit explores the force of personal will on bodies, of culture and expectation, and the power of happenstance over human beings. Composed of four long poems that incorporate image and non-language marks into their structures, Wilson explores how to re-make the self through language and body.

- m. forajter in Heavy Feather Review 

"Wilson's speaker cannot escape the loss of her sister, but she does wish for "a new / taste bud," a new coping mechanism for dealing with the pain. And I wonder—what can she ask for beyond writing, beyond the field notes she gathers to reconstruct her twin?"

- Jacob Victorine in Muzzle Magazine

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2013 | 60 pp | 978-0-9911863-0-3

Excerpt from Supper & Repair Kit

Please leave me a new

taste bud for eating

this gravel & I will marry it

& I will thank you &

I will put my fork down

twofold as the waltz

of the marigold

where buried the moon

wedged inside a hound

came howling and she curled

around the perfect squares

of my calendar.