Split Series Vol. 1

This Will Be His Legacy by Aubrey Hirsch and BONE MATTER by Alexis Pope

Aubrey Hirsch's This Will Be His Legacy is a flash fiction collection of counterfactual biographies—fictional stories about historical figures. The collection reimagines the lives of famous figures like Amelia Earhart, Teddy Roosevelt as he learns to accept his lesbian daughter, the generational tensions between the three Albert Arnold Gores, and Rachel Garrett, the only female captain of the USS Enterprise in the Star Trek Universe.

On the flip side is Alexis Pope's BONE MATTER, a loose narrative thread dealing with broken hearts, broken structures, mental and physical trauma and a fighting awareness of what's due the self. 

"After consuming This Will Be His Legacy and Bone Matter, I found it impossible to imagine reading one without the other. Both collections suggest that the stories told about us are not always what we would choose, but ones we can accept as part of our personal narrative."

- Anna Saikin, Nano Fiction

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2014 | 92 pp | 978-0-9911863-1-0